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  • Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison
    Submitted by - Administrator 23450 views • Duration - 3:24
    Thomas Edison Meet Me at the Corner takes a virtual field trip to the Thomas Edison National Historical Museum in West Orange,New Jersey.. Young Carter interviews Patrick Garner who portrays Thomas Edison ...

  • The Lost Ladybug Project
    Submitted by - Administrator 20909 views • Duration - 3:23
    The Lost Ladybug Project Across North America ladybug species distribution is changing. Join the Lost Lady Bug Project in finding out where all the ladybugs have gone. Take a virtual field trip to Colorado and ...

  • A Kid's Introduction to Black-Footed Ferrets
    Submitted by - administrator 8000 views • Duration - 5.24
    Take a virtual field trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado to learn more about the recovery program for the Black Footed Ferret. The only ferret native to North America, the black-fo ...

  • An Interview With a Fashion Designer
    Submitted by - Administrator 11450 views • Duration - 4:21
    Interview with a Fashion Designer Take a virtual field trip to the New York City to meet Erin Beatty who designs clothes that appear in magazines and on the runway.
 Learn more about the history of the New ...

  • THE NEW YORK SUBWAY: Art Under Your Feet
    Submitted by - administrator 13559 views • Duration - 4:27
    The New York Subway : Art Under Your Feet A special episode featuring the art work found in the New York City subway system. Join Amy Hausmann, Assistant Director MTA Arts for Transit, for a tour of this famo ...

  • Pinhole Photography for Kids
    Submitted by - Julian and Loma Portal Elementary School 23683 views • Duration - 3:40
    Learn about Pinhole Photography. Children from Point Loma Elementary School in southern California learn about the art and science of pinhole photography and the annual World Pinhole Photography Day. ...

  • Kids With Cameras
    Submitted by - Emma 9229 views • Duration - 4:26
    Kids With Cameras: Beyond The Wall: The Jerusalem Project. Emma (age 12) visits a photo exhibit by Arab and Jewish children. She speaks to photographer Jacob Eskenazi about photography and the exhibit’s sponso ...