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    By - PATRICIA GABLE  •  Nov 13, 2010   •  Read Article
    BRIGHT HUB reviews MEET ME AT THE CORNER and recommends this site as a great site for kids.

  • World of Media Reviews MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids
    By - Editor  •  Nov 03, 2010   •  Read Article
    Children's book author and former teacher Donna Guthrie has launched Meet Me at the Corner, a web site that allows students to create original videos, virtual field trips, and podcasts to add to an expanding collection started by the site's creators. It was developed to allow kids to meet fascinating people from all over the world. New educational, kid-friendly episodes are uploaded every two weeks.

  • Virtual Field Trips Allow Summer Travel From the Comfort of Your Home
    By - Tech Savvy Mama: Leticia Barr  •  Jul 26, 2010   •  Read Article
    Regardless of what your summer plans are, get away with a virtual field trip. Virtual field trips are a way for you to take a tour of a particular location without having to pack a lunch or a suitcase. I personally love the idea of virtual field trips because they allow for a quick visit to a place of interest, don’t break the bank, and are ways you can interact with content without being there in person. Here are some great sites for virtual field trip that will keep you on the move all summer long:

  • Learning Resources | Spotlight 'Action!' Student-Generated Video Web Site Teaches Visual Communications Skills
    By - Denise Harrison  •  Aug 06, 2010   •  Read Article
    Teachers have free access to virtual field trips and other digital educational resources through Meet Me at the Corner, a repository of educational videos that's moderated to ensure relevance and educational value. It also helps train kids to produce their own video podcasts and create documentaries they can share with their peers around the world.

  • Tips, Tools and Technology for Educators
    By - Amanda Kenuam  •  Jun 06, 2010   •  Read Article
    Coming across a great video that is appropriate for a classroom is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. Students love watching videos, whether it is to take a break from a lesson or to enforce what they have just learned. Fortunately, there are some useful resources that provide teachers and educators with some quality videos. neok12

  • Tips, Tools and Technology for Educators Current Articles | RSS Feed RSS Feed Interactive Field Trips for Students
    By - Lauren Grossberg  •  Mar 03, 2010   •  Read Article
    Meet Me at the Corner, Virtual Field Trips for Kids is an interactive site encouraging students to express themselves through the use of videos. What is great about this site is that videos are submitted from children all over the world. Through these videos, children can learn the art of storytelling and self-expression.

  • Web Report:Environment Fun on the Web
    By - Jessica Duff  •  Apr 24, 2010   •  Read Article
    Even though Earth Day was April 22nd, it seems more like "Earth Week" rather. THV's Jessica Duff has a look at a fun website where kids can take virtual field trips -- including a visit to colorado springs for a little earth day activity!

  • Meet Me at the Corner visits Palomar Observatory
    By - Scott Kard  •  Apr 27, 2010   •  Read Article
    Meet Me at the Corner visits Palomar Observatory Last year Meet Me at the Corner, a website that offers virtual field trips for kids visited me at Palomar Observatory. The video is available on their website and is embedded below.

    By - ADministrator  •  Apr 23, 2010   •  Read Article
    A virtual field trip to New York City, This is an Interview with Photographer of Kids With Cameras. He offers photography Tips for Kids. For more Virtual Field Trips for Kids visit our website at

    By - EDUCATION NEWS  •  Apr 19, 2010   •  Read Article
    Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font KIDS CELEBRATE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF EARTH DAY Kids' Virtual Field Trip Web Site Observes with a Field Trip ,Interviews and Activities COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (April 13, 2010) -- April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth's environment. Meet Me At The Corner (, a kids' virtual field trip Web site, is celebrating with a pod cast about hiking and bird watching in Colorado Springs' Aiken Canyon Preserve. The episode also includes a variety of activities and interviews intended to promote environmental interest among kids all year long. combines the content that educators and parents trust with the delivery method that today's kids embrace. Led by 10-year-old reporter Benjy, the on-line video "field trip" introduces children to the 100+ species that inhabit the preserve, its unique ecosystem, and the history of ornithologist Charles Aiken. Rounding out the episode is an interview with Phil Kendall, the past chairman of the Nature Conservancy in Colorado, who shares how kids can get involved in hiking.