How To Create a Video Book Review

Video Description

Learn how to write and film a video book review for MEET ME AT THE CORNER'S Big Apple Book Club. Receive a $25 gift certificate for every published submission.

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Learning Activities for How To Create a Video Book Review

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Other Fun Websites

  • Reading List

    The American Library Association has created list of all the Newbery Winning Books from 1922 to the present. Take a look at their list to find your next great read.

  • The Spaghetti Book Club

    The Spaghetti Bookis a site for book reviews for kids by kids. Click here to see what other kids are reading.

  • Write a Big Apple Book Club Review

    Make your own video book review and send it to Meet Me at the Corner. Download the PDF file of instructions at the bottom of this page. We look forward to your submission and will add it to this website.

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