Pinhole Photography for Kids

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Pinhole Photography Questions 1. What is the biggest difference between a regular camera and a pinhole camera? 2. Very simply, how does a pinhole camera work? 3. What can pinhole cameras be made of? 4. Chris Keeney tells us that pinhole cameras use light differently than other cameras. What is the difference? 5. Describe briefly how to make a pinhole camera. 6. Why does the inside of the camera have to be black? Activities A) Make your own pinhole camera. Click on the Home Science website, and follow the directions you find there. Take some photos with your homemade camera and bring them into class to share. B) Check out the photographs taken on the following websites: Chris Keeney, Loma Portal Elementary School, and Worldwide Photography. Look at the pictures carefully and see if you can describe what is different about pinhole photographs from regular photos. Tell what you think makes the pinhole photographs interesting and/or beautiful. Display some of these photos along with your written descriptions.