Pinhole Photography for Kids

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Video Description

Learn about Pinhole Photography. Children from Point Loma Elementary School in southern California learn about the art and science of pinhole photography and the annual World Pinhole Photography Day.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for Pinhole Photography for Kids

Each Learning Corner is designed by an educator to be easily integrated into individual curriculums, as well as State, and National Standards.

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Other Fun Websites

  • Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Photographers around the world are celebrating the art of slow photography on Sunday April 25, 2010, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Choose a country and view photos taken last year at Pinhole Photography Day.
  • Make Your Own Pinhole Camera With photographic paper and the right developing materials, you can make a pinhole camera that will actually produce photographs. Check out this website for instructions on how to begin.
  • Photographer Chris Keeney

    San Diego photographer Chris Keeney enjoys inventing and making hand crafted pinhole cameras. Take a look at his unusual cameras and his beautiful photos by clicking on the image.

  • Loma Portal Elementary School

    Loma Portal Elementary School in San Diego, California has a gallery of original pinhole photos. Click here to see what you can do with a paint can camera.

  • Janice VanCleave

    Is a camera obscura the same as a pinhole camera? How does light going though a hole able to make a picture? How can you make a pinhole camera with a cardboard tube? Do you have questions about pinhole camera? ASK JANICE, author of more than fifty books on science, science fair projects, and math. Visit her Fun Science Website.

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