A Kid's History of the YO-YO

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Video Description

A Kid's History of the Yo-Yo

Interview with Patrick Cuartero, the Head of Yo-Yo Nation and National Yo-Yo Champion. Take a virtual field trip with our young host, Morgana, to visit Yo-Yo Nation and learn some easy yo-yo tricks. Check out the links to fun websites and how-to videos that you can watch to learn easy yo-yo tricks.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for A Kid's History of the YO-YO

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Other Fun Websites

  • YoYo Nation

    Your one-stop shop for all things yoyo. Click here to find out more about the exciting new yoyos that are on the market to help you become a yoyo expert.

  • Walking the Dog

    How Stuff Works shows you the famous walking the dog trick. Click here to watch and learn.

  • Ken's World On a String

    Ken's World on a String is dedicated to teaching players how to do yoyo tricks. This site contains yoyoing videos, simple and easy illustrated yo-yo tricks.

  • How to Hold and Throw a YoYo

    eHow presents clear easy videos for yo-yo beginners. Play these videos over and over, then practice, practice, practice.

  • Cosmic Yo-Yo

    Yo-Yo enthusiast Brad Urani has put over 150 yo-yo tricks on the Web. Each trick is rated for difficulty on a scale of one star (beginner) to five stars (professional). Cosmic Yo-Yo welcomes new tricks or questions via email.

  • The History of the Yo-Yo

    Learn more fascinating facts about the invention of the Yo-Yo by Donald F. Duncan in 1928. The yo-yo has enjoyed many periods of popularity throughout world history and may be the second oldest toy in the world (after dolls). Click on the Idea Finder site for more history about one of America's favorite toys.

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