Interview with a Park Ranger

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Take a virtual field trip to San Diego California. Visit Balboa Park and meet an urban park ranger. Learn about the job of a park ranger and tour this lovely city park. This original kid-friendly production is great for kids all of ages.

Click on to fun websites such as WebRangers, The Ranger Zone, Balboa Park, and a new site featuring Smokey The Bear . There's also a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities for you to download.

Questions & Extended Learning Activities

Learning Activities for Interview with a Park Ranger

Each Learning Corner is designed by an educator to be easily integrated into individual curriculums, as well as State, and National Standards.

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Other Fun Websites

  • Welcome to WebRangers!

    This is the National Park Service's on-line Junior Ranger program for kids. If you love your National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites, this site is for you. Play games and learn about your National Parks.

  • National Parks with Junior Ranger Programs

    Are you interested in exploring? Do you like art, science, history or nature? How about animals, sailing ships, dinosaurs or trains? Would you like to learn more about the national parks that belong to you? Did you know you can help protect these special places - even if you never visit them all?

    Many National Parks offer visitors the opportunity to join the National Park Service Family as Junior Rangers. Interested students complete a series of activities during their park visit, share their answers with a park ranger, and receive an official Junior Ranger badge or patch and Junior Ranger certificate. Click here to learn more.

  • Balboa Park

    Balboa Park If you are crazy about cars, trains and planes or dinosaurs, planets or sports or art, flowers and animals, check out the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego Automotive Museum, San Diego Hall of Champions, the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, and, of course, the San Diego Zoo. All of these kid-friendly places are in Balboa Park.

  • Kids Zone

    What is like to live in a National Park? How Does It Feel to Have a Park Ranger as a Parent?? And what are the ups and downs of being a park kid? Find out from the source, kids who live in places like Yosemite or Grand Canyon National Park and whose parents work as park rangers.


    Welcome to Smokey's Outpost! Explore Smokey's cabin to find all sorts of fun and interesting things about Wildfire Prevention. Have fun!

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